SGA Example

Researchers in the field of yeast biology have often perform SGA screens to identify potential genes involved with various experimental conditions and/or treatments.  This involved using advanced robotics to generate individual yeast colonies for over 3000+ different gene alterations as individual colonies.  Here, a individual colony is assoicated with a single gene of interest.  These are often plated in replicates of 4 per gene over 11-15 plates.  This ends up circling many areas, copy and pasting in excel, and often performing secondary analysis to see what genes are regulated.

With Schwozny, select the control and experimental plates, assign a gene map and trigger an analysis run.

Step 1: Select Control and Experimental Groups

Step 2: Select a Excel file that associates Gene with Location on the plates

Step 3: Enter a few parmeters

Step 4: Hit the Submit Button


SGA Report