Schwozny’s business model is an enhanced SaaS model. We offer enterprise subscriptions to contract research organizations for a monthly or annual fee. It is a model bolstered by partnerships with instrument manufacturers, who will bundle subscriptions with instrument sales. Schwozny’s direct sales team focuses on virtual pharmaceutical companies which import data from multiple distinct organizations and from public data repositories.

Data Management

Your data is uploaded into a secure storage server which is backed up on a regular basis.  Each file is associated with corresponding information around the experimental details that can be used to identify information.  Our users are able to dynamically group data into different datasets to allow for a higher degree of flexibility in how individuals are able to choose and organize information. Schwozny clients can associate distinct datatypes that could have information presented in a PowerPoint directly associated with the raw data.   We offer a search engine-like method to locate those difficult to find files.

Data Security

Schwozny follows industry standard best practices for SaaS to ensure the integrity and security of customer data. Data is encrypted at rest and in flight with per-customer encryption keys. We offer the option of running our solution in a virtual private cloud (VPC) as well as our standard multi-tenant environment. Safeguards are in place to ensure data can never be leaked between customers, and strong authentication methods are provided for ensuring only authorized users can access your company’s account.

Data Analysis

The information is stored in close proximity to large computations resources which allow for users to exploit the power of large computer clusters without the need to develop specific methods.  We offer multiple applications which are used to extract additional information from your data, and provide that information back via the same infrastructure.  Schwozny provides a large suite of existing tools, and the requisite methods to upload your own analysis to be applied on our computation grid.